Our company’s Research and Development and Application project was awarded the first prize of 2013 annual Zhaoqing Science and Technology Award
Release Time:2014-5-28    Views:3649

       On May 27, Zhaoqing Municipal People's government issued a notice about 2013 annual Zhaoqing Science and Technology Award, our company’s "automobile engine valve with high efficiency and green manufacturing key technology research and development and application" project won the first prize. The winning project with its own technology, developed a "stand-alone automation, integrated multi station and automatic production line" as the core, which was able to adapt to multi species and multi batch production valve manufacturing of multi-level mixed flexible automation production technology, and built 4 international level automatic valve production lines. Furthermore, it carried out 18 categories of 293 sets of stand-alone automation transformation, and added 2280 different specifications of valves. It developed the technology of digital management, the material management of the discrete mixed flow production, the non - material, precision forging of the valve, the valve and the high performance modification etc. which reduced the scrap rate, improved the utilization rate of the material, and prolonged the service’s life. The completion of the project significantly improved the production efficiency and product quality.


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