Our company obtained the “Guangdong Province Cleaner Production Enterprise”certificate
Release Time:2014-2-16    Views:4707

Recently, our company obtained the “Guangdong Province Cleaner Production Enterprise” certificate released by the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

Cleaner production is a kind of innovative thinking, refers to the continuous improvement of design, usage of clean energy and advanced technology and equipment, and carry out manage improvement, comprehensive utilization and other measures to reduce pollution from the source, and then achieve energy saving, consumption, reducing pollution and increasing efficiency.

Our Company revolved in this theme; all staff participated in the activity and implemented several practical clean production programs, which achieved fruitful results: the level of production technology and management of equipment, raw materials and waste etc. had been greatly improved; our company had also changed dramatically.

      At the same time, through education, we greatly improved our staff’s awareness and level of cleaner production, established and improved the cleaner production organization and cleaner production management regulations to lay a solid foundation for our company's continuous development


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